About us

Tiyug.com is a website that provides information about types of trees, including shade trees, fruit trees, construction trees,…

This website is designed to help users better understand the types of trees so that they can choose and plant trees appropriately. We want to bring Vietnamese users accurate, complete and useful information about green plants.

Main content

Tiyug.com will include the following main contents:

  • Introduction to green plants: This section will provide basic information about green plants, including origin, characteristics, planting, care, etc.
  • Choosing trees: This section will guide users on choosing trees that suit their needs and conditions.
  • How to plant and care for trees: This section will guide users on how to plant and care for trees according to each type of tree.
  • Uses of trees: This section will provide information about the uses of trees, including uses in the environment, uses in medicine,…

Editorial Team

The editorial team of the Tiyug.com website includes people with expertise and experience in the fields of farming, gardening, and the environment. Our editorial team always strives to update the latest and most accurate information about plants to bring users the best experience.


With a team of experienced experts, we are always ready to answer all your questions and suggestions. Please get in touch with us via email at [email protected] or other communication channels for the fastest and most effective support.

Tiyug.com wants to become a reputable and trustworthy website, providing complete and accurate information about trees for everyone. Join us to explore the wonderful green world!