Telemarketers Don’t Like Them?

Telemarketers… ooohhh… I’ll bet we’ve all got a nice story to tell about these guys & gals don’t we? Well here’s a story i’ll never forget and I’ll show you how to turn a sales call into a sale for you!

So I’m sitting in my office one day and mind you at the moment I didn’t have a helper to screen my call for me and don’t you know it, I get a telemarketer.

See, I used to be in a few network marketing programs and I know how hard it is to get rejections on the phone. Some of us take it very personal and some just don’t care. But I assert you this, whichever one you are, cold calling isn’t an easy business.

When someone calls me to sell me something I will only talk to them if they too will listen to a promotion I’m offering, only fair right? You’d be amazed at how many won’t listen to you so why would you listen to them?

I make it a point to tell them that my specialty is promoting and if they want to have any of my time, they will have to listen to me 1st. No exceptions.

So one day, I get this call from this really nice guy who completely understood my deal and accepted to hear what I had to say. Usually, I will pick one of my clients and and only promote that one client to the other person on the phone. Trying to promote 2 or more at a time is like road kill, you don’t want to confuse the other person.

With this conversation on the phone with this telemarketer I explain to him that I have a client in the Transport industry and he deals with all kinds of shipping services. What I usually do is ask the other person on the phone if he can recall anyone who mentioned to him that they needed to ship something!!!

With that, this gentlemen on the phone says “I’m actually looking into shipping a small package overseas”. Now, I’m fully aware that he can just say whatever he wants and possibly get me to finally listen to him so I immediately conferenced him with the transport company to give them his contact information so that they can send him an information package.

Once the call was complete, I returned the favor for allowing me to discuss one of the promotions my company was taking care of and asked the gentlemen to explain what it was he was calling for. It turns out that he was trying to sell a magazine subscription for health issues. I told him that I wasn’t interested but I had a client who was in the health industry so I gave this gentlemen my clients information to contact him

Going back to the transport company, it turned out that the telemarketer actually did take their services and in return the owner of the transport company took a year subscription of the health magazine I told you about!

Now that’s not often it happens like the way it did but just remember that telemarketers are people as well and they too also know other people. There’s a great book that I feel is of the best on this type of promoting and anyone committed to their sales should read it…

It’s called: Endless Referrals By: Bob Burg

“A must read”.

So next time a telemarketer calls you, you’ll know what to do and if they reject hearing your offer, be kind and let them go!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my story!

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